What is a dietitian?

Registered Dietitians are specialists in assessing human nutritional needs, designing, implementing and evaluating nutritional care plans and therapeutic diets. They are food and nutrition experts who draw on their passion of food science to provide medical nutrition therapy for the prevention, delay and management of disease as well as care along the entire continuum of health; from active individuals, of all ages looking to improve their eating habits, to athletes and critically ill individuals needing intensive medical nutrition therapy. They draw from their passion of food science and healthy eating to develop personalized nutrition plans for individuals of all ages.

How can a dietitian help me?

At Mountainview Health & Wellness, our dietitians offer comprehensive support to address a wide range of food-related concerns and promote optimal nutrition and well-being. Whether you’re seeking guidance for women’s health issues like osteoporosis or pregnancy, managing gastrointestinal disorders such as celiac disease or irritable bowel syndrome, or navigating dietary changes post-gastric bypass surgery, our dietitians are here to help. We also provide specialized support for children dealing with picky eating habits, teenagers seeking to fuel their bodies for optimal energy, and individuals following vegetarian or vegan diets. Additionally, our dietitians offer expertise in managing food intolerances or allergies, optimizing sports nutrition, and promoting general healthy eating and heart health.


What to expect from a session with a Mountainview Health and Wellness dietitian?

Our dietitians consult with you to formulate a nutrition plan for you to follow based on your overall health goals, dietary restrictions, food preferences and schedule.

Initial Session

An initial session includes a consultation, nutrition plan, exercise log, health questionnaire, food record, a follow up email and a follow up phone call.

Follow up Session

A follow up session is a review and reassessment of the goals set during your initial session, which can include further nutritional counselling and any relevant testing.

Dietitian Benefits can include:

  1. Personalized nutritional guidance tailored to your unique needs and goals.
  2. Improved management of chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and gastrointestinal disorders.
  3. Enhanced understanding of proper portion sizes and balanced meal planning.
  4. Support for weight management and healthy lifestyle changes.
  5. Prevention and management of food allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities.
  6. Guidance for special diets such as vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free.
  7. Optimized nutrition for specific life stages such as pregnancy, childhood, and aging.
  8. Education on mindful eating practices and strategies for overcoming disordered eating habits.
  9. Assistance in navigating complex dietary recommendations post-surgery or during recovery.
  10. Empowerment to make informed food choices that support long-term health and well-being.


Dietitians empower individuals to embrace healthier eating habits and achieve their wellness goals through personalized nutritional guidance and support.