All of our assessment and treatment sessions are conducted on a one-to-one basis.  You will have the undivided attention of your practitioner for the full duration of your visit.  Our fees are reflective of this focused approach.


Registered Physiotherapy Fees

Physiotherapy Initial Visit $110.00 +GST
Physiotherapy Subsequent Visit $90.00 +GST
Shockwave Initial Visit $145.00 +GST
Shockwave Subsequent Visit $125.00 +GST
Laser Therapy Initial Visit $125.00 +GST
Laser Therapy Subsequent Visit $106.00 +GST
MSP User Fee $47.00 +GST


Registered Kinesiology Fees

Kinesiology Initial Visit $115.00 + GST
Kinesiology Subsequent Visit $88.00 + GST


Registered Massage Therapy Fees

ICBC Subsequent Visit, 60-minute session, user fee $30+GST
ICBC Subsequent Visit, 45 minutes, user fee $10+GST 
Private RMT Visit, 30-minutes $90 + GST
Private RMT Visit, 45-minutes $100 + GST
Private RMT Visit, 60-minutes $120 + GST
Non-Registered Massage $49.95 + GST


Registered Chiropractic Fees

Chiropractic Initial Visit $105.00 +GST
Chiropractic Subsequent Visit $75.00 +GST


Registered Acupuncture or TCM Fees

Acupuncture or TCM Initial Visit $120.00 +GST
Acupuncture or TCM Subsequent Visit $95.00 +GST


Registered Counselling Fees

Counselling Visit $135.00 + GST


Registered Psychology Fees

Psychology Visit $235.00 +GST


Registered Occupational Therapy Fees

Occupational Visit $126/hr + GST


Registered Dietetics Fees

Dietetics Initial Visit $150.00 + GST
Dietetics Subsequent Visit $150.00 + GST


Registered Osteopathic Fees

Osteopathic Initial Visit $115.00
Osteopathic Subsequent Visit $100.00