What is Return to Work Program (RTW)?

Mountainview Health and Wellness’ Return to Work (RTW) Program is a multidisciplinary approach in providing a successful treatment plan for our clients to return to work or remain working following an injury or illness (occupational and non-occupational). Our team of Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Kinesiologists will get you back on track!

How can The Return to Work (RTW) Program help me?

The Return to Work (RTW) Program can provide valuable support and guidance to help you transition back to your workplace after an injury or illness. Through personalized assessments and interventions, the program aims to address any physical or psychological barriers that may hinder your return to work. By working closely with healthcare professionals, employers, and other stakeholders, the RTW Program can help you develop a gradual and sustainable plan for resuming your job duties. Additionally, the program may provide accommodations, modifications, or rehabilitation services to ensure a smooth transition and support your ongoing success in the workplace. Overall, the RTW Program empowers you to regain your confidence, productivity, and independence in the workplace.

What to expect during The Return to Work (RTW) Program?

Job Site Visit – This assessment is conducted at the worksite to review of job tasks and critical job demands and explore return to work options including GRTW planning.

Job Demands Analysis – This is a detailed quantitative and qualitative assessment of the physical demands, environment and psychosocial stressors associated with a particular job.

Gradual Return to Work (GRTW) Plan – Following a job site visit from one of our specialists, our GRTW Plan is developed with your participation as well as help from your employer and the attending physician. Our goal is to reintegrate you back into your workplace. Our effective GRTW Plan contains specific hours, duties and a defined end date.

Ergonomic Assessment – Our specialists help improve your current workstation orientation and postures through on the spot changes. They educate you on neutral ergonomic postures and find opportunities to help you self-correct these issues. They outline and identify ergonomic risk factors and red flags and collect data regarding your comfort/discomfort level, work tasks and general work habits. At the end of the assessment our specialist will create a report to help you better understand what you need to change in order to correct ergonomic issues.

Chiropractic Treatment Benefits can include:

  • Personalized assessment of individual capabilities and limitations.
  • Development of a customized return-to-work plan tailored to specific job requirements.
  • Collaboration with healthcare professionals, employers, and insurers to facilitate a smooth transition.
  • Provision of accommodations, modifications, or rehabilitation services as needed.
  • Monitoring of progress and adjustment of the return-to-work plan as necessary.
  • Education and support for both employees and employers on workplace safety and injury prevention.
  • Assistance with communication and coordination between all involved parties.
  • Advocacy for the rights and needs of individuals returning to work after injury or illness.
  • Promotion of a supportive and inclusive work environment conducive to successful reintegration.
  • Follow-up and ongoing support to ensure sustained success and well-being in the workplace.


Our Return to Work Program (RTW) empowers individuals to overcome obstacles and successfully reintegrate into the workforce, fostering confidence, productivity, and fulfillment.