What is Holistic Nutrition & Health Coaching?

We help you discover how to be your best self and live your best life by providing lifestyle advice integrating nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management.

Does any of this sound familiar or relate to you?

Are you looking for a well-rounded diet and lifestyle change that works for YOU, but not sure where to start?


Do you find available health information confusing or conflicting, and would like clear and unified direction to help YOU achieve YOUR goals?


Are you struggling to resolve ongoing health concerns that have been holding you back?


Are you looking for ways to better manage your busy life demands and maintain a healthier work/life balance?


Are nagging injuries or other physical challenges holding you back, or do you simply aspire to live a more fit and active lifestyle?


Are you looking to enhance your athletic performance and competitiveness?

Can you visualize and imagine?

Being Healthy and Spirited: by tackling physical and mental barriers and navigating a path to live your best life.


Feeling empowered and confident to make health and lifestyle choices that support your long-term goals.


Feeling Energized and Prepared to meet Life’s demands: Whether it’s your work life, family life, exercise routine, sport or all of the above, you are able to perform at your best, while also balancing your own health needs.


Having your health needs Acknowledged, Supported and Understood: You have found someone that listens to all of your concerns and addresses them holistically (as a whole). With compassionate support to help ‘quarterback’ your health challenges, you gain vision and clarity on how to reach your health goals.


Feeling excited about making new diet and lifestyle choices: You know how great and achieved you will feel with each and every one.

Health Coaching Philosophies and Approach:

Individualized, client-centered approach: You are unique. And so is your body type, life force, purpose, talent and soul. Embrace your individuality and OWN it! YOU decide what your goals are and what works best for you. I am your partner to navigate and guide you to them.


Wellness for the Whole Self – Body, Mind and Spirit. Our physical body, mind and spirit are all interconnected and perform best through harmonized balance.


Gut Health and Integrity. With about 100 trillion bacteria, and the highest concentration of immune cells (70-80%) residing in our gut, this system’s function is critical to our body’s ability to digest foods, absorb nutrients and support a healthy immune response system. Poor gut health is at the forefront of many health issues and concerns, both physical and mental.


Empowerment. Coaching your strengths will help boost your self-efficacy and confidence in your ability to exert self-discipline, and achieve and maintain your health goals.


Enjoy what you do. By discovering new ways to enjoy the life you’re living and finding satisfaction in your daily routines will make achieving and maintaining your health goals easier and an integral part of everyday living.


If you don’t take care of your body, where else are you going to live!?! How you prioritize your commitments determines your output and destiny. Placing a premium value on your mental, physical and spiritual health help unlock the motivation required to pursue and achieve a balanced lifestyle.


Balance the 4 health pillars: Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep, and Stress all require mindful attention, and management. Together, these pillars balance important health biomarkers that form a foundational frame-work for resilient well-being.


Nutrient Dense Foods: Choosing foods that have a high nutrient and low-calorie ratio will give your body what it needs to thrive, without adding to your waistline.


Reducing Toxic Load: Learning about and avoiding toxins contained in foods, personal care and cleaning products, and the environment can proactively reduce exposure to health concerns

including allergies, brain fog, problem skin, inflammation and digestive issues, and promote disease prevention and healthy aging.


Science-based dietary approach to integrate science-based interventions while honoring the mind-body-spirit connection to wellness.


A Body in Motion, Stays in Motion. Finding ways to incorporate fun year-round physical activity into your lifestyle will help keep your body fit and mobile throughout the seasons and support long-term vitality. Exercise is for all shapes and sizes, and it is a way to show your body love and respect.


Having FUN! While FUN is an important component of my health coaching style, laughter is the lubricant of life’s machinery. Both are required to keep your wellness journey engaging.

What to expect from our Nutrition & Health Coaching

We combine a variety of strategies and interventions to integrate all four foundational pillars of health and wellness (Exercise, Sleep, Stress Management, and Nutrition) that address the mind, body and spirit. The focus and integration of each of these pillars will vary depending on your current goals, demands, and lifestyle, It is always dependent on you and what you are comfortable with.


Nutritional and Health coaching plans may include:


  • Dietary analysis, Health Assessment and Recommendations
  • Lifestyle Education and Resources
  • Nutritional planning (reflecting your needs), recipes and resources.
  • Supplementation suggestions
  • Stress Reduction Management
  • Sleep Hygiene Practices
  • Aromatherapy (essential oils)
  • Recommendations to reduce environmental toxin and chemical exposure
  • Hormesis (heat or cold therapy)
  • Meditation practices
  • Compassionate support to reach your health goals and empower your soul.

Meet Naomi Gilligan Your Nutrition & Health Coach

My Role,


As a dedicated holistic nutrition counsellor, health coach, and seasoned kinesiologist and Fitness Trainer, I focus on improving comprehensive client wellbeing with compassionate and knowledgeable support. Following a client-centered approach that focuses on harnessing their strengths and individuality, I help clients discover and apply personalized diet and lifestyle changes to meet their distinctive needs and health goals, so they can become the healthiest and happiest version of themselves.


I believe that by addressing and harmonizing 4 foundational pillars of health, one can achieve a healthier mind, body and spirit.


Nutrition: By providing the body with optimal nourishment, the body can heal, perform better, and do what it is designed to do.


Exercise: Physically challenging and exercising the body improves strength, resiliency and a feeling of vitality.


Stress: Effective stress management is a key to mitigating mental and physical wear and tear and improves bio-physiological function that helps the body to ward off illness and reduce the impacts of aging.


Sleep: Arguably the most important health pillar, optimizing sleep allows the body to repair, recover and restore.

Cost Coverage, Insurance and Benefits

Most health insurance providers will partially or fully cover services like physiotherapy, occupational therapy, kinesiology, massage therapy, psychology, clinical counselling and acupuncture.

A portion or all of your treatment fees could be covered, depending on if you were injured in a motor vehicle accident, have a worker’s compensation claim or extended health benefits.

Call Mountainview Health and Wellness today. Our staff can help you find out what you’re covered for, which could include:

  • ICBC insurance
  • Third-party insurance
  • WCB insurance
  • Extended health benefits

We accept all major credit cards, debit and cash.

ICBC has increased the number of pre-approved health services you are entitled to. What this means for you is increased care in case you are injured in a motor vehicle accident.

Call us today to find out what you’re covered for.

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We accept insurance from most providers which includes:

green shield canada
ssc insurance
pacific blue cross

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