Janice Francis

I found Mountainview Health and Wellness in New Westminster from a Groupon. It was a bit of a drive from my home in Coquitlam but after the first visit that was not an issue. The staff is very helpful and accommodating and Emma is the best masseuse. She has helped me tremendously and I so look forward my biweekly massages from her.

Gerry Francis

I followed my wife’s suggestion to have a massage ( although I wasn’t too keen at first). Going to Mountianview Health & Wellness was a good experience for me. I can definitely recommend it. My massage was relaxing and pleasureful.

Phoebe Lo Patigdas

They have inviting and helpful reception, also very efficient. I use the massage therapy services in this clinic and it’s great. I would specifically recommend Jonathan Lumanlan. He is very attentive to find out the issue and also thorough, making sure you understand how the session will go. I also know of other clients that recommends him.

Gary Richardson

Thank you for your follow-up. I must say that I am very impressed with the professionalism of your staff. Especially the ladies at the front counter and my physiotherapist Ronak.
The ladies were very friendly and had the answers to all my questions and were patient with my hearing loss. Very cordial and understanding.
With regards to my physiotherapist, Ronak, he was very helpful and explained everything he did thoroughly and discussed my problems in great detail. He was most professional and I appreciate all the advice he gave me regarding my left knee problems (osteo-arthritis). In addition to the varied treatment he gave me, he also gave me a number of home exercises to practice with emphasis on endurance rather than strength (apparently strength would work against my severe osteoarthitis).
I got up today and was pleasantly surprised at the improvement in my walking. Just one day after Ronak’s first treatment the pain is much diminshed and my gait is much more normal with less effort. I look forward to future treatments by Ronak.
At 77 with a worn-out knee it is dubious to expect much in the improvement area, however Ronak has accomplished just that. It is like getting a new lease on life as my mobility was extremely limited and is now greatly enhanced.
Your asking for feedback is an indication of your concern for the welfare of your clients and I am happy to be one of them. I certainly will be recommending you to all my acquaintances. Looking forward to seeing you all next week.

Sahar Sanai

my physiotherapist is Ms SHIRIN, I cant thank her enough for all help that I received from her professional job and her assistant.

sarah Peyton

great service and professional physiotherapist, Mrs SHIRIN

Cecilia Rose Ganzeveld

The staff and employees are so nice and caring..thank you for working with me, appreciated

Gord Grant

I started seeing Kurtis in the fall of 2010 for an issue on my foot. During a subsequent visit Kurtis discovered that I had frozen shoulder. I had not mentioned to him at any time he worked on this area for about 30 minutes and it has not re-occured in over a year. I highly recommend Kurtis as a massage therapist. I have seen other therapists in the past, but i find Kurtis to be very knowledgable and professional in every way.


Being in the fast pace world of business, I thought I didn’t have time to concern myself with my health. Until, I began feeling tired throughout the day, and the endless amounts of coffee didn’t help at all. I saw my doctor, and she informed that my weight, lack of physical activity and eating habits were affecting my daily routine. I found that Mountainview Health & Wellness’ dietitians helped me get back on track with their excellent practitioners that gave me a custom package that worked. They’re very supportive throughout the whole process =)

R.G.W Bryan

When I first went to see Dr. Henry Dent, I was unable to walk a half a block due to the pain in my back. I had an operation a few years ago where they removed a disc in my lower back. After treatment from him, I now am able to walk a lot better and farther with less discomfort. I highly recommend Dr. Dent who has given me so much relief. I thank you very much.

Erika Rivas

I highly recommend Radhika for Physiotherapy. I had surgery in my left knee after my patellar broke and I overextended 2 supporting ligaments and after almost 3 months I was still not able to bend my knee 90 degrees. One of the therapists from the previous physio place I was going before recommended therapeutic ultrasound to breakdown internal scar tissue because she thought that was what was limiting my movement. I went to Mountainview in order to get that treatment but Radhika thought I did not really needed it but I needed to do different exercises instead. It worked! I can bend my knee well over 90 degrees now and I am walking without crutches 🙂 If you have had a knee surgery and are having a hard time recovering movement and strength visit Radhika

Reza Abbaszadeh Hassiri

Very caring, professional and equipped. Totally recommended

Lunalee Inamac

I have the best treatment with this clinic. Shirin is such amazing physiotherapist, She helped me with my fibromyalgia pain. I highly recommend Shirin as your Therapist, And on top of that all the receptionist anre awesome. They are very kind and considerate.

Pilar Keller

I’m very happy with service. All employees are very friendly. Especially I got the best physiotherapy treatment with SHIRIN. I will definitely recommend her to my friends. She helped me with my neck and shoulder pain

Anne Leger

Emma was the best! Good place for massage!
I book my next 2 appointments

Hani Hy

Amazing Company!