physiotherapy in new westminster and surrey

Physiotherapy Can Save 70% Of Your Treatment Costs

physiotherapy in new westminster and surrey

Physiotherapy plays an integral part in a growing and aging population. As more health services are required, the demand for qualified physiotherapists in British Columbia will also increase.

Health awareness is also on the rise among Canadians and will continue to increase as 25% of the population will be over the age of 65 by 2031. [1]

The role of physiotherapy in health and wellness has also increased due to health trends that have led to a heightened awareness and interest in preventative health measures.

According to a study published in the Health Services Research Journal, physiotherapy is so effective that when used as a first management strategy patients incurred 72% fewer costs within the first year of being treated. [2]

Patients who received physiotherapy as a first management strategy are less likely to receive surgery and injections and make fewer specialist and emergency hospital visits in the first year since their initial consultation with a doctor.

Due to the increased demand, clinics are having a hard time finding qualified physiotherapists to deliver treatments to a growing wait-list of patients.

Mountainview Health and Wellness is a multidisciplinary physiotherapy clinic in New Westminster with a sister location in Surrey. We have provided physiotherapy services to the Greater Vancouver area since 2011. We pride ourselves on offering quality services and low wait times.

Whether helping patients with injury rehabilitation or disability management, our physiotherapists in New Westminster and Surrey are dedicated to helping you get back to a healthy and happy life. Our physiotherapists use a variety of treatment techniques to help you regain the ability to move freely, perform daily activities and improve your overall strength, stamina and stability.

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