occational therapy in new westminster and surrey

How Occupational Therapy Decreases The Need For Ongoing Care

occational therapy in new westminster and surrey

A study indicates that patients who received community based Occupational Therapy services were 6.5 times less likely to require ongoing care and 30 per cent less likely to use emergency department or hospital services. [1]

Community-based occupational therapy services can reduce the need for physician visits and hospital re-admissions, and encourage people to participate in all life roles, thereby decreasing costs and adding immense social value to the health care system. The demand for home and community care services is likely to increase as the population ages.

Occupational Therapy is a proven practice that can help people regain their independence with performing everyday activities due to an injury, disability or disorder. Occupational therapists offer patients cost-effective services that improve the chances of successful injury rehabilitation, disability management and many other outcomes.

Expert opinion indicates that the reasons for success with occupational therapy may be due to the focus it places on a patient’s immediate requirements such as social and functional needs, which are important factors of success.

One of the biggest challenges with occupational therapists is that they are not being used to their fullest potential. Research into the efficacy of occupational therapy, has shown it to be very beneficial in helping patients regain their ability to perform meaningful, everyday activities.

Mountainview Health and Wellness provides occupational therapy services through our two locations in New Westminster and Surrey. Our in-house therapists specialize in catastrophic injuries related to motor vehicle and work-related accidents and can also treat patients at their homes, workplace or local community centers.

Our occupational therapists in New Westminster and Surrey deliver the highest quality of care and are dedicated to helping you live a healthy and happy life.

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