Motor Vehicle Accident

Have you been in a Motor Vehicle Accident?

Motor Vehicle Accident

Summer is here and the weather is nicer. Meaning, we want to get out!
We are finding ourselves in Phase 3 of BC’s Restart Plan and our province has opened up a bit. This means more people are on the road. Of course we all want to enjoy the summer within the recommendations, and this will happen mostly in a safe manner.

However, with more people on the road, the risks of getting into an accident are higher. Often these are minor and people are not aware of the injuries caused by that quick and brief moment. You may not feel anything immediately, but pain can appear the next day, or in some cases, even a few days later. Therefore, it is always recommended to get yourself medically checked as soon as possible.

The First Steps to take

  • Seek immediate medical attention if necessary
  • Contact your insurance provider to file a claim
  • Schedule an appointment with a Health Care Provider for an initial assessment to determine the extent of your injuries.
  • A treatment plan based on your injuries will be designed.

What is Motor Vehicle Accident Therapy?

The most common injuries resulting from a MVA includes whiplash, neck & back pain, and pain throughout other areas of the body. Mountainview Health and Wellness Rehabilitative team evaluates the physical needs and abilities of each individual and implements a treatment plan to help relieve pain and restore optimal function.

Common MVA Injuries


occurs when your neck quickly moves into a forward (hyperflexed) and backward (hyperextended) motion, and is most common in rear-end accidents.

Neck, Back, and Head injuries

An accident can seem minor, however, you may experience neck, head, and back injuries from the impact. Besides whiplash, there are other common injuries you might endure during a motor vehicle accident, such as, Concussion, Facial Trauma, Back and Spine Trauma


Traumatic Brain Injury

TBIs, occur when your head experiences major trauma, such as hitting your dashboard, driver window, or another passenger.


*The costs of MVA therapy is often covered by insurance claims or extended health insurance coverage.

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Be Safe while enjoying Summer!